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Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena coming to PSN next week

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I’ll admit, I don’t know as much as I’d like to about the Arc the Lad series. When these games were first roaming about, I had only just purchased my PS1, and was attempting to complete Crash Bandicoot 2 without a memory card. I did, however, play a demo for one of the titles in the series a while back, and was quite simply blown away by how much fun it was. And now, you’ll get to experience what is apparently the best entry in the series, perhaps for the first time, perhaps revisiting it after many years. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena will be arriving on PSN on the 23rd of November, at the tidy price of $5.99 each, or $8.99 for a bundle with both of the games together, which sounds like pretty great value. Whilst Arc II is an epic role playing quest, Arc Arena actually lets you take the monsters you’ve captured in Arc II and set them up in a variety of tournament-style fights, for fabulous prizes. Also, If you import you save from the fist game, with “the level 50 dungeon completed and the special summon you get for doing that”, you’ll unlock a significant chunk of the game that would otherwise have remained inaccessible. It still impresses me to this day that a PS1 game was that forward thinking with it’s unlockable content.

Either way, I’m happy to see these games on the store. There just isn’t enough great RPG’s on the US PSN, and the titles in this series almost certainly fit the bill. Now, how about bringing them over to the UK…

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