Wanted: Publisher to Aid in PSN Port

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Behold: VVVVVV

Terry Cavanagh needs help. No, not of the psychological variety. His new game, VVVVVV, recently won the “Fun and Compelling” award at this year’s IndieCade. Its main gameplay element is that instead of just jumping, you press a button to reverse gravity. This results in your character walking on the ceiling. Terry took this mechanic and ran with it. Well, he ran, jumped, bounced, and teleported the mechanic to places I couldn’t imagine. Really, the game is sickeningly clever. It launched on Steam September 8th for $5. After playing the demo, I e-mailed Terry to see if he has any plans to release VVVVVV on other platforms (namely, as a PSN minis title). He told me that he is just a one man team and while he would like to do the port himself, he would rather be working on something new. The game is really fun and creative, especially if you’re into precision platforming like me. Also, the soundtrack is chiptune genius. In short, I’d like to play VVVVVV on my PSP. The XBLA has so much support for independent developers. We need to let everyone know that there’s a place for the indie projects on the PSN.

So, what publisher out there would like to benefit everyone (themselves, Terry, the PSN, me) by helping to port this to the PlayStation Network?

  • Ben Jones

    I fully support this awesome game coming to another platform, as it would be awesome.

  • NamelessTed

    Why do they need a publisher? Can’t the original developers just port the game themselves and self publisher the title? Isn’t that part of the draw of the digital distribution solutions? Super Meat Boy is being self-publisher by Team Meat on Windows, Mac, WiiWare, and XBLA.

    • He is just one guy and wants to work on something new, not porting the game over.

    • NamelessTed

      I guess if he wants to do something else, then he should do something else. But, using the excuse that “he is just one guy” isn’t valid. Super Meat Boy was essentially made by two people if you sound include music and Braid was basically made by one guy as well.

      I just can’t imagine a publisher would be interested in porting an indie game over to PSN when they weren’t the publisher of the game on other platforms.

    • Ben Jones

      (By that logic, Flow wouldn’t have been released on PSN, as it started out as a Flash game on PC.)

      The games you’ve named were developed with those platforms in mind, so they aren’t having to now think about bringing them to another platform. Besides, Hothead brought Braid to PSN, so there’s an example of a game being brought to another platform when they weren’t the publisher on the first platform.

  • rondon

    I want! Someone publish this plz. Hopefully it would be a minis. PSP + PS3 play is great.