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NYCC Impressions – Bomberman Battlefest

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Not much has changed about Bomberman: Battlefest, so I’d like to send you over to my PAX impressions of the game.

The coolest part of Bomberman at NYCC was sitting down with one of the devs during the press hours of the first day and talking/playing with him. Apparently he’s a big FPS fan, which played a big role in the new match types in Battlefest. I talked about how good CTF is in the PAX post. This time around, I played a couple of other modes, most notably Bankroll.

Bankroll plays like Counter-Strike, meaning at the beginning of each round you’re able to buy powerups (speed up, power bomb, extra bomb, bomb kick, etc.) for your Bomberman. It’s great. I’m really looking forward to this title, even though it’ll be out on LIVE for a while before we see it on the PSN. Our patience will reward us with extensive online clan support and the ability to play the game with 8 people locally. I also got a price out of him. It will be $9.99, just like the previous Bomberman title.