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Aqua Panic! Out Next Week (US)

Posted by on October 12th, 2010 | 0 Comments | Tags:

After six month wait, PSN users in North America can finally try out Aqua Panic! next week. Released way back in April on the EU store, check out our review here, this was supposed to be released here in May. It is pretty obvious there there was a delay.

“The PlayStation 3 version will not only be as addictive, but the online component will have gamers showcasing their saved sea creatures competitively with each other,” said Jules-Benjamin Lalisse, President of Eko Software. I know that I played the PSP version for a bit and the game does have a lemmings like, I wanna try one more variation, sorta thing going for it.

If you wanna see the game in action check out some of these screens and the official trailer! Dunno about a price but I will ask right now.