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Worms: Battle Islands For PSP

Posted by on September 23rd, 2010 | 4 Comments | Tags: , , ,

That’s right, the next Worms game will be released through the PlayStation Network for the PSP. Worms: Battle Islands is more than a portable version of the same old Worms action. The game has a bunch of new features, including a new multiplayer mode: Tactics.

In Tactics Mode, the player takes control of their very own Secret Island Base made up of many different islands, each island imparting a tactical advantage for the player to use at the beginning of a game. For example, the player could recon a battlefield before the war commences, or snipe an enemy worm to gain the upper hand; each one of the 16 islands available in game can be used to compliment the player’s individual play style. Take the fight online and, should you be victorious, you will have the opportunity to steal an item from your opponent’s island for your own personal use!

A few other features include a highly detailed weapon editor, a player ranking system and experience-points based unlockables.

Take a look at the screens we got for the game.