Q-Games hints at the direction future PixelJunk games might take

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In a recent interview with Wired.com’s Game Life, Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert dropped some sweet hints at what me might be able to expect from the second “series” of PixelJunk games, along with the statement that the team “wants to make a proper sequel” to PixelJunk Monsters, the popular tower defense game, released in 2008 on PSN to critical acclaim, with many deeming it their current favorite in the series.

However, whilst in the process of dropping a hint about a possible sequel to Monsters, Cuthbert teased something extremely interesting, stating that the game would likely be 3D “in some way”, and that the next Monsters game would be the start of “series two”, which lends credence to the rumor that “series two” of the PixelJunk games would eschew 2D artwork in favor of going (at least partially) polygon based 3D, which would certainly open up the opportunity for some unique gameplay options. As a fan of the games thus far, I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the 3rd dimension.