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FuturLab reveals their new game, and you get to name it

Posted by on September 6th, 2010 | 0 Comments | Tags:

We love Coconut dodge over here. In a dull moment, there’s always Clarence to hand, ready to reel us in for another 5 minutes of addictive score based puzzling, and maybe 30 minutes more if we get on a roll. A couple of weeks ago, FuturLab sent out a piece of concept art for their next game, and the internet did what it does best. Find all the pieces and solve it faster than the creators even thought possible.

Now that all the pieces have been assembled, the time has come for the game to be revealed as… a futuristic shoot ’em up, with a teleportation mechanic. If that sounds vague and somewhat obtuse, then you know roughly about as much as we do about this game (as in, next to nothing).

In a neat act of connecting with the community, however, FuturLab is offering its fans the chance to name their next game, by visiting their site, and suggesting whatever name you think best fits the art they have on display, along with listening to the main theme of the game (which sounds rather catchy, I have to admit). The game sounds intriguing, so let’s hope that the name is a good match for it. Just don’t submit anything dirty, ok?