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Bastion Could Be Hitting PSN 2011

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Supergiant Games, a California based company founded by ex-designers of the Command & Conquer series, announced their first game today. Bastion is an action RPG set in a lush, imaginative (and hand-painted!) world. A cataclysmic event, Calamity, has shattered the world into floating islands. It’s up to you to construct a safe haven from broken remnants from the past. Some screens and a trailer were released to help you get a handle on what the game will play like.

The art style reminds me of a mixture between the beautifully brushed Braid and free-to-play MMO Dungeon Fighter Online, with a dash of Disgaea’s environments and enemy types.

The polished environments look incredibly smooth.

And a trailer:

“And remember, you ain’t in this alone.” That’s either a hint at multiplayer or the fact that the game is dynamically narrated. The narrator will be “with you”, so to speak, revealing the story as and according to how you play the game.

Look for our impressions from PAX and hopefully a release date in the coming weeks.