The Flying Hamster hits Europe on 8th September 2010 for €6.99

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The Flying Hamster is certainly a charming game, with its quirky, hand drawn graphics and cutesy characters. However, underneath this cute and cuddly exterior is a title with an old school mentality, as the game takes the style of a vertically scrolling shooter, with the player controlling a fairly cute and cuddly hamster, tasked with rescuing his “friend” Sookie from the clutches of an eagle, only known as “Giant Eagle”. You’re going to have to travel through a variety of strange lands, and rescue Sookie through the only means you know, firing spit at your enemies (eew).

The game has finally been assigned a release date, and that is the 8th of September, on the EU store at least. The game is set to retail for €6.99, and we’ll be sure to tell you if its worth it. By the looks of things, its certainly going to be surreal.