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Sony Has A New Way To Message You

Posted by on August 6th, 2010 | 11 Comments | Tags: ,

So I was turning my PS3 on today to play some Family Feud, review forthcoming, and I noticed I had a message on my PS3. At first when I saw that the user name was [PSN] I thought this was a spam/scam message. But to my surprise, when I opened it I was greeted with something entirely different.

Yes I do have a bitchin’ Shark Week Theme

As you can see from the screen captures I took, it is a message alerting me that there is a new version of the Earthworm Jim HD demo. The attachment, which usually contains an image, has a link that forwards you to the Earthworm Jim HD page on the PSN store. This is really interesting, hopefully this doesn’t become a way for Sony to spam messages. What do you think, did you get this message too?