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Dungeon Defenders – A Tower Defense… RPG?

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I have no clue how this game can just pop up out of nowhere and shoot to the top of my “Do Want” list. It must be because I am a tower defense whore, but the trailer has me all hot and bothered. It has been a while since I have played one too, that also might be why 🙂

Coming to PSN and XBLA this fall, Dungeon Defenders is a hybrid of the Action RPG madness from DOTA stirred in with some Tower Defense shenanigans. The art style is that cell-shaded look and the first things I could think of were both Fat Princess and Vandal Hearts. You can choose one of 4 classes and fight your way through levels collecting loot to look like the ultimate tower defending bad-ass that you are.

“Dungeon Defenders turns the tower defense genre on its head and adds a degree of depth seldom seen in a digital title,” said Jeremy Stieglitz, development director of Trendy Entertainment. “There is meaty character leveling and customization, awesome loot drops and plenty of team-oriented defensive strategy to manage, but then you have this action-packed wave-based standoff that gets continually more intense. It’s as deep as it is instantly fun.”

The PS3 version will also support the use of the Move Controller and has 3D support. But those are the only cool features, as there is co-op player with both local and online support. In the online mode you can also brings your friends on the couch along as it supports split-screen play. There are 15 arenas to battle in with multiple modes.

The game will be $9.99 when it launches sometime this fall, which to be honest is excellent as too many games lately have been $14.99. For more info on the game either follow the developers on Twitter or check out the game’s official site.