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Trine Updates For All

Posted by on July 9th, 2010 | 10 Comments | Tags: ,

Did you buy Trine from the US store and wonder why there was no trophy art and other such things? Well it was missing a patch that our European friend got long ago and now you can finally get those fixes. If you want the low-down on all the updates and fixes check out our previous post.

But what others have found is that there is a new patch for the European version too! Joel from Frozenbyte didn’t even know this had gone up until someone posted about it on the Community Forums. Here is the list of fixes in this new version, note that the US version should have these as well:

* adds failsafe for unlocking Very Hard difficulty
* fixes a respawn bug in Iron Forge (co-op) near the first gate
* fixes a rare crash when the player touches a falling rock as it breaks (Crystal Caverns)
* fixes a rare crash when a water splash effect is played while the player exits to menus
* fixes a rare bug that occurred when the player switched characters and died simultaneously
* fixes final boss animations sometimes not working properly (Tower of Sarek)
* fixes a co-op respawn bug with the last checkpoint (Tower of Sarek)
* fixes a collision issue in the Iron Forge level (caused the Thief to take damage from lava)
* fixes several oxygen gauge bugs
* fixes autoaim bugs in Tower of Sarek
* fixes the Boots item to work properly (reduces spike/goo damage)
* fixes random failure of overwriting save slots in the New Game menu
* fixes Credits section names

Beware though, as there may be a save file issue with this latest patch.

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