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This Week On PSNStores – 07/20/10

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Have you checked out the forums yet? We have some great discussions going on from random stuff like food you cooked all the way to if PSN+ is worth your bucks. Be sure to check out the amazon referral links in the community thread, because if you buy a game through one of those links we get some money to keep the site going. There are other more obvious way to help out too, just saying ;).

Expect to see a good amount of reviews this week, it is the slow part of the summer and we have some catching up to do! Comic Con is also this week and while not really a games convention, some studios will be down there showing games off. If there is any new PSN stuff I will be posting it as a Feature. So all you will need to do is click the image that will be on the right over there. You won’t miss it, I swear. Other than that, I will see you on the forums 🙂