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Curve Studios Details Explodemon

Posted by on July 29th, 2010 | 3 Comments | Tags:

Explodemon was announced roughly a year ago, with very little fanfare and a couple of screenshots on the developer’s web site. If you’ve heard of Curve Studios, then its probably because you’ve played one of the many PSP versions of the Buzz games, all of which Curve was responsible for (responsible for in a good way, mind).

Now, however, the studio is dipping its collective toes into the chilled waters of original i.p. There’s certainly no chance of them getting frostbite here though, as Explodemon looks like an extremely hot prospect.

The press release for the game says that Explodemon is a “2.5D-styled platform game with a physics-puzzle twist”, influenced by the classic Japanese games of old, and has a killer sense of humour. It also looks absolutely fantastic (that bit isn’t from the press release, that’s just me). It’ll be out Q4 2010 on the PlayStation Network. In the mean time, look at the (extremely pretty) screen shots we have of the game. Just don’t drool on the keyboard.