This Week On PSNStores – 06/22/10

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E3 has come and gone. We have a better picture of releases coming to the network this year. The team here at PSNStores is gunna be wrapping up some news from last week, along with our usual business. The good folks over at Sidhe have hooked me up with a few copies of the Shatter soundtrack to give out. They are from the EU store, and the contest will be as usual. I will pick the winner this Friday.

So leave a comment anywhere on the site if you wanna win this sick soundtrack. I do believe it comes with the dynamic theme as well.


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    • moriarty1975

      “a comment on this article”

      That was easy!! 😉

    • Cris

      Nice giveaway this week. Would love to get my hands on that one!

    • Tzares

      this is my comment 😛
      but seriously, id love to win the soundtrack 8) its awsome! 😀

    • PhoTC

      If I don’t win this soundtrack, my ears will up and leave me. Do you want that?

      Do you?

    • I would greatly like to win a copy of the Shatter soundtrack. So much goodness in that one.

    • Berkay OZDENOGLU

      Is the OST downloadable directly to a PSP?

    • I’ve been yearning for this soundtrack for ages now! It’s that awesome that I would just play the level longer so I could hear more of it. 🙂 It would be kick ass to listen to it outside of the game.

    • jonathan strickland

      i loved this game and was really into the soundtrack of it as well, a good game one of the major picks for games for me is well gameplay as number one and replayability or collectibles/side missions is a great number II and at solid 3 has always got to be a killer sound track, the sound in any game much less this one lets the players delve into the game even more and experience what the character is feeling be it cheerful, regretful, vengeful..ect this would be an awesome add on to the collection on music on my system for games as well hope i win 1 🙂 thanks for the opportunity.

    • hop là 🙂

    • spats

      Very cool stuff. Thanks for all the giveaways and competitions!

    • Andrefpvs

      I can’t wait to try Joe Danger.

      My PSN game backlog is increasing exponentially lately ;o

    • Smelly_socks

      Awesome giveaway!

    • Mariusz S.

      the best soundtrack on PSN, and Shatter is one of the best game, and bonus mode is brilliant in its simplicity 🙂

    • Svjetlohodni

      Great game, great soundtrack!

    • zon_9

      Leaving a comment here, hoping I’ll win. 🙂

    • Wondering if there will be any coverage on PS Plus; specifically the different deals and game offerings each regional PS Store will offer. I would love to know what offers PS Japan would have, for instance (30 days free trial for a game, true?).

    • Josecitox

      I recently completed shatter at 100% and absolutly love the game, need the OST ASAP!

    • Wowbagger

      It’s my turn to win this week, right?

      Right? :'(

      Loved Shatter. Well, except going for the Boss Rush trophy — too much luck involved in deafeating a couple of those bosses in a reasonable time. Its music is great, so please give it to me! =)

    • killquick

      Good luck everyone

    • Hope I get lucky this time… xD;

    • Ryu

      I hope I get it. I hear the soundtrack is really good.

    • chris

      Enjoyed this soundtrack


      My son (7 y/o) loves this game more than I do! He really dug the Dynamic Theme too – making explosion noises whenever something hits the screen.

    • joshualeuty96

      Good Luck Everyone! I’m not lucky at giveaways! HOPE I WIN!!

    • joshualeuty96

      Also if i win this competition, i’ll most likely buy Shatter as i haven’t bought it yet and it’ll fit in with the OST and Theme!