This Week On PSNStores – 06/07/10

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Update: Winner winner chicken dinner, Wasabi King

Can you hear that? It is the buzz that is filling the internet with E3 being only one week away. Things are going to be getting pretty crazy thing the coming weeks, so I am hiring someone else on the blog. I should reach a decision by Wednesday. So look out for a new face. But until then, would you like a chance to win another free game? Well I have an extra copy of Planet Minigolf this week and it is from the US store. Same stuff as always, post on the site and the magic of Random.org will pick us a winner on Friday.

What do you want to see Sony do with PSN at E3?


Store Updates

  • First post, this week I’m hoping for Metal Gear. It comes out tomorrow on UMD so I hope it’ll be on the PSN store ^_^

  • Hmm…wish I was in consideration for being hired. 😉 I really hope they post this year’s conference again. I’m hoping that they release more classics on PSN in a steady wave. It’s dried up on there lately.

  • Aaron


  • Bug

    I Love free games

  • Yeah, free games are neat 🙂

  • mark

    Here’s to hoping I get lucky!

  • typhoidhater

    Did someone say free?

  • Gekkoton

    I love minigolf, thanks for the contest! 🙂

  • River_Dog

    Gonna play me some Joe Danger this week. Yeah! …and free golf would be sweet!

  • Colin

    I want Motorstorm 3!

  • Tuco

    I wanted a cheeseburger! WITH FRIES!

  • hmecey

    Planet Minigolf looks fun

  • Vijay Sinha

    More PS1 classics on PSN, please. Maybe even have Sega start putting up some Sega Saturn games? Pleeeease.

  • Seks

    I’d like to see Sony show off the racing/Metroidvania elements of LittleBigPlanet 2. Just to see how they look and function. Doubt that’ll happen.

    (Also sup, joining comments for Planet Minigolf. :D)

  • luis

    here goes nothing


    Cool, based on the review from I was going to include Planet Minigolf in my cart tomorrow…I can wait until Friday though. Cheers!

  • Lostie

    i want planet gold ,demo is fun.

  • bdavid81

    The demo rocks, so I will gladly enter to win the full version!

  • darkjedi187

    Gonna get Joe Danger. Looks awesome!

  • bluehat9

    Mini golf and Joe Danger? Sounds like a good week.

  • Free game giveaways are always nice. Here’s hoping I get lucky.

  • Nithorias

    I really hope they release Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker on the PSN today, having a PSPGo is tough knowing everyone is already playing their games on the PSP (UMD) before you… >.< (angry)

  • Samus4145

    Sweet, hoping to play some golf and Joe Danger this weekend.

  • chris

    PS2 games coming to PSN, or greatest hits being turned into compilations like GOW:C…

    My absolute favorite would be SSX, SSX Tricky in HD….but it is probably a…pipedream 😉

  • vocab

    Sony better just keep the PS1 games rolling. We need more quality games, and not this shovel ware fiesta we have been getting for like a year now.