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E3: Sidhe’s Next Game?

Posted by on June 9th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Tags: , , ,

Some interesting concept work from one of the artists over at Shatter creator Sidhe. What this is for is anyone’s guess. It will be on display next week in the Into The Pixel 2010 collection at E3.

I asked Mario Wynands, Managing Director at Sidhe, if we are going to be hearing about anything new from Sidhe at E3. Sadly he told me that in regards to the concept art, “We aren’t announcing anything at E3.” I then went on to ask if this is the project that Module, creator of the soundtrack for Shatter, was going on about on his Facebook account. I did get an answer to that question from Mario, “That’s a different game.”

No platforms have been announced for either of these titles as of yet. But PSN users do have something to look forward to. There will be some news regarding Shatter at E3 this year, most likely the multiplayer stuff the PC version got. So say tuned for more Shatter information next week.

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