Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo Next Week

Posted by on June 15th, 2010 | 4 Comments | Tags:

Remember that cool teaser site from Sony Japan last week. Well as we all thought it was for Patapon. Here is the new trailer.

Devastate your opponents with attacks as Superhero Patapon in the third iteration of the critically acclaimed rhythm-based action/adventure. Play campaign with friends, go head-to-head or take on a clan of other Patapon gamers. Customize your tribe with different weapons and abilities in the greatest portable adventure of rhythm and war.

Can’t really see much from that right? Well try it out for yourself next week during the PSN Update.

  • sounds pretty freaking awesome

  • Rockgamer

    So I guess it wasn’t the PS3 version people were hoping for, but more Patapon is still always a good thing.

  • Jeremy

    PS3? LoL, it will kill the game, if patapon 3 will be in ps3, 2d will be killed..

  • Caleb

    “Take on a clan of other Patapon gamers”..? They make it sound like it could be team based battles online. Sounds like fun if there is enough players on the battleground. 4 on 4 would probably be the max at one time, along with these new superhero patapons from each player. 8 on 8 would be more chaotic fun though. Just speculations but I believe this is what it’s actually going to be like. However if the game actually supported a clan system.. woo!!