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E3: Sony Press Conference PSN Live Blog

Posted by on June 15th, 2010 | 5 Comments | Tags: ,

Since we are a PSN site, I am only going to be covering stuff that interests us. Check back once we get going for hopefully some new PSN titles 🙂

That is all the PSN stuff. I am sure we will hear more about other things later this week.

1:20 – Dead Space Extraction PSN Bound.

1:13 – First month’s freebies are WipeOut HD, Age of Zombies, Fieldrunners, and some PSone Classic.

1:10 PlayStation Plus Announced. Features include: early demos, early betas, free games, minis, discounts on store, push for downloads. Price: $49.99 for a year. First 3 months free.

1:05 – PSN games please 🙁

1:02 – E3 Home Space!

1:01 – PSN time! 50million users.

12:48 – echochrome 2 announced for Move.

12:00 – I spotted some PSN titles in that opening montage.