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E3: Out This Summer – “TNT Racers”

Posted by on June 16th, 2010 | 4 Comments | Tags: , ,

Coming this August to PSN for both PS3 and PSP is TNT Racers. In TNT Racers up to 4 players, either online or locally, race around the track while trying to knock others off it. To do this you have your usual power-ups, like in most kart racers.

What make this game different is the “shadow racers”. If you happen to fall off the track, you will turn into a “shadow racer”. As a shadow racer you can take revenge against the other players trying to knock them off as well.

Single player is comprised of 3 different modes with 3 speed classes (difficulties) each. The press release states that there are 45 challenges as well. Multiplayer, as said before, can be played locally or online. When playing multiplayer you have the same options as in single player.

There will be leaderboards and trophies like always. As an added bonus you can unlock new cars and tracks. TNT Racers is due out sometime this August.