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Coming Soon: Landit Bandit

Posted by on June 10th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Tags:

This game seems to have come out of no where. Reading the press release was the first I have heard of the game. From a 5 man Swedish development team, Landit Bandit is described as a mix of Lunar Lander and Crazy Taxi.

Play the role of Marley, a laid-back islander that’s had a peaceful life turned upside down with the explosive arrival of Lander, an unscrupulous art dealer. Help Lander fly his way back to The Big City by navigating a wooden helicopter, constructed out of the complete collection of Da-vinci paintings, across 6 gorgeous, 3D in-game worlds. Each game world is unique and comes with a new skillset to learn, which will ensure refreshing gameplay and keep players gripped to their PlayStation 3 controllers.

There is also co-op and head to head multiplayer for 2 players. Both these modes are local split screen only though. I have contacted the developers to try to grab some more screens and info. It will be landing on the European PlayStation Store June 23rd for €12.99. An exact US date has not been set, but it is slated for July.