This Week On PSNStores – 06/01/10

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Update: Winner is picked. Check out next week for a chance to win a copy of Planet Minigolf (US)

Summer is getting closer and we are only 3 weeks away from E3! It will be a busy mess around that time here as I have finals to study for @_@. But that doesn’t mean we have nothing to do now! I have a code for Soldner-X 2 Final Prototype to give out. This code can be redeemed from the EU store and the rules will be like the last two times. Just leave a comment on any thread this week and I will have Random.org pick a winner.

3 giveaways in a row, that must be some kind of record!


Store Updates

  • European Store
  • Hong Kong Store
  • Japanese Store
  • United States Store
  • Digital Comics Store
  • SingStar SingStore

  • Bryan

    Sounds cool. Lots of codes being given away for this title, and I haven’t even looked up the type of game it is yet.

  • Grouken

    I hope I can win someday.

  • Sounds like fun, hope I’ll win 😀

  • WasabiKing

    gimme gimme gimme

    I soooooo need to give myself a seizure

  • Wowbagger

    I feel lucky.

  • MoX

    hope I win

  • Gekkoton

    Thanks for the contest Chris 🙂

  • spats

    Great! C’mon now, daddy need a new pair of shoes!

  • Corto

    May the gods of randomness favor me.

  • POO

    shumup on psn? yes plz

  • IamCheap

    For me this time :)) 0-2 So far!

  • djax


  • chl


  • Paul

    I hope this is random enough for me to win.

  • Waldo

    Liked the first one.

  • Lostie

    Cool ,i want to win

  • Long Tran

    i wanna win!

  • hmm,,, Soldner-X 2 Final Prototype ,,,

  • Lsk_deadpool

    Gonna give it a try!

  • ifhd

    hope I can win

  • Fabio

    Soldner X is FULL OF WIN!

  • Number45

    Hoping this fixes some of the problems the first had. ^_^

  • hennanet

    >3 giveaways in a row, that must be some kind of record!

    Bring it on – PSN updates seem a lot more exciting now!

  • readytorelease

    Guys I fell lucky today, good things come to those how wait (and I have waited for a long time LOL) wish everyone luck but GOD is shinning on me so maybe next time people.

  • killquick

    count me in,thanks