This Week On PSNStores – 05/18/10

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Edit2: Winners have been emailed. We should have another code giveaway next week for Soldner-X2 if all goes well. Stay tuned!

Edit: Remember I am picking from random posts not just this one :). If you don’t see your comment on the site, it might have been caught as spam. I will accept them as I see them. First time posters comments are held for moderation, if it isn’t your first post on the site you should be fine.

Ok the fine folks at Laughing Jackal have hooked us up! I have 5 copies of Stellar Attack to give away (EU version of the game). To win all you have to do is post a comment on the site. Any post that is up for now on counts. On Friday I will randomly pick 5 comments from 5 randomly chosen posts. The more you post, the better your chances to win!

Good luck and happy posting!

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  • Nick

    Whats wrong? Nobody wants to win other than me? I’ll take one of those codes!

  • g_host57

    i guess the best way to start off this give away is to comment on this post first. i hope i win because it looks like a very fun game.

  • mowmow

    here’s my random post entry on this page =]

  • Jack

    *Would like to win Stellar Attack code*

  • HoopScoup

    Here is an entry sir. Looks kinda interesting though most minis are kinda trashy.

  • grahamleeds

    Cant wait for modnation racer on both systems… ps free code for stellar attack would go down well

  • RidHood

    Ok so I will spam like crazy till I get a code I guess

  • RidHood

    Oh and btw, definitely getting Rocket Knight this week !!!

  • Modnation is going to be a blast. I was in on one of the betas and it was pretty laggy, but I know they’ve fixed a lot of stuff, so I’m jazzed again. 🙂

  • Dammenion

    I’d love to win

  • Grouken

    I want one. Choose #10 post 🙂

    • Vampire Azrial

      If they choose post #10, you won’t win!

  • East6

    Tuesdays are one thing to compute but wednesdays just never will fit in to me.

    Oh and ridhood? There’s an old name.


    Lookin forward to Rocket Knight and ModNation demo.


    Stellar attack would be cool, too.

  • Ok choose my post 😉
    I want that Stellar attack :p

  • dave wellington

    i’ll throw my name in the mix! great site!

  • diksa971

    Hello, i would love to win Stellar Attack !
    And i wait the update of the store today !

  • Tzares

    I wouldnt mind winning one of those codes 8D

  • Fox

    I want to stellar attack someone :(.

  • ant3b

    oooo I wouldn’t mind this game 😀

  • Waffles!

  • Vampire Azrial

    I’ll random post to win a copy, I was trying to think of something very serious to talk about, but alas, my brain is empty!

  • Soggy_Growler

    hit me.

  • Tailzo

    Did this website change a lot since the last time I visited? Looks good 🙂

  • Dan Gordon

    Would love to win a copy 🙂

    Never seem to win 🙁

    So whats the free mini? as you stated on twitter

    • Vampire Azrial

      Hummmm let me guess, you’ve not read the top of this topic, about winning a copy of Stellar Attack.