This Week On PSNStores – 05/11/10

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Update: Contest over.

I have another code to give away this week! It is for the Minis title “Sneezies!” which came out on the EU and US stores last week. Just post a comment in here if you want a chance to get it. I will pick someone randomly tomorrow when the US Store updates.


Store Updates

  • Jacob

    Haven’t tried many minis, let’s do it!

  • waffles

  • Gekkoton

    I’m in!

  • Dan

    Loving the site, new here, infact its my first time 🙂

  • Dammenion

    haven’t ever played a mini, would love to try this out.

  • Vampire Azrial

    Let me win, as I’m poor!

  • DeadSpider

    I hate to ask this but…. what exactly is a mini? I have heard/read talk about them but I never caught what they were.

  • Alessandro

    Even a “mini” chance to win, I’ll keep trying. Congratulations on the site!

  • mini mini mini… I want it

  • Agent X

    I’d like a chance to win as well!

  • River_Dog

    love the minis

  • crhopkins

    I’d like a chance to win! Thanks

  • Miguel


  • Free game? Count me in.

  • andres pena

    All the time I download something, it´s free, because I don´t have that money, I´m always saving to a greater game, so if u could help me, I will be very grateful.

    PD: PS ROCKS!!!

  • Hey, that game looks like fun! 🙂

  • Awesome, I am loving all the free giveaways.

    Keep up the good work guys

  • Figured I’d try a shot for it (trying not to get my hopes up). Also hoping for Harvest Moon on the US store tonight, a review would be awesome ^_^

    • You win! check your email.

    • This is gonna be my first mini. I’ll probably redeem the code sometime tomorrow, going to be playing Harvest Moon quite a bit so finding a chance to try it out may be a bit of a challenge xD

      Anyways thanks for the code Chris and to whoever else is reading this, there’s legitimate chance to win these things so just keep on trying! (Maybe you’ll win next time o_-)

  • tkt9900

    Would like a mini!!!

  • Rockgamer

    I’ve only tried two Minis so far, and while they were alright, I don’t think they were the best example of what they have to offer. Hopefully this one is better.

  • Tzares

    Id love to get a mini 8) havent tryed them out yet. was thinking aboute trying this one, monster stole my princess and that devil escaping from hell thing 😛

  • chun

    i would like to win. i havnt tried any mini’s yet

  • Grouken

    Give it to me, its gonna be my first Mini 🙂