Little Look: Susume! Mamore! Tatakae! Demo

Posted by on April 6th, 2010 | 5 Comments | Tags: , ,

Demo is available now on Japanese PSN or via the game’s official website. The full game will be out next week on Japanese PSN Store for ¥500.

I did some voice over work this time, I know it was muffled at times. I will speak closer to the mic next time and keep the game volume lower. Learning how to do this as I go :(. Would you like more of these for stuff on the Japanese store?

  • Mark W

    “F5ing the PSN Store like a madman.”

    At a quick glance I read that as “F5ing the PSN Store like a mandarin.”

  • PeraPeraPenguin

    you bought this game?

    • I was holding out in case it ever came to the States.

    • PeraPeraPenguin

      I thought you bought it. 5 Yen is like $5
      I don’t really understand this game tho.. that why I asked if you bought this lol
      PS. I would like to see more stuff from the Japanese store.

  • kiiro

    it looks alright.