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Sony GDC 2010 Press Conference

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Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

The above is the stream for the Sony Press Conference that is 1.5 hrs away. I will probably be blasting twitter with updates. But feel free to chat in here with what we see. So what is everyone expecting?

4:42 pm – Event over. Now to see what the gaming press thinks of it. How does this compare to a Wii Remote.

4:41 pm – 3D gaming news coming this summer. All the lucky people there get to try the Move out.

4:40 pm – Peter Dille back out to wrap things up it looks like. “Virtually all 3rd party devs are behind Move”.

4:39 pm – I hope the “subcontroller” gets a new name.

4:36 pm – The “nunchuk” is called the subcontroller. SOCOM 4 being shown.

4:34 pm – Motion Fighters up next. This one looks promising. Wii Sports Boxing, but with real HD graphics and more dirty street fight moves. Finishing moves too he says. Spinning backfist he pulled off was nice.

4:33 pm – I really hate this overplayed Fireflies song. EyePet stuff is just more games to play with the Pet. Looks like it is coming to North America this holiday season.

4:32 pm – EyePet up next. LBP demo had one player controlling things in the environment and the other player moving SackBoy.

4:29 pm – LBP Move demo up next.

4:27 pm – This painting mini-game looks cool. Hair-cutting mini-game is like Bonsai Barber on Wii.

4:26 pm – Move Party up next. Sounds like “You Are In The Movies”

4:25 pm – The back of the Move controller has a “T” button.

4:23 pm – Table Tennis from Sports Champions up next. Calls out Wii Sports Resort table tennis.

4:22 pm – Sports Champions = Wii Sports. Next

4:21 pm – Under 1 frame of lag. Nice.

4:20 pm – Scott Rohde is gunna show off some games now.

4:19 pm – This video looks a lot like the Natal video from last E3

4:18 pm – Sizzle trailer time. *insert beat boxing*

4:17 pm – Starter kit: PS Eye – game – controller for under $100

4:15 pm – Sony is pulling a Nintendo. Grandma will love the Move.

4:14 pm – Props to gofreak on GAF for finding the PlayStation Move name before anyone else.

4:13 pm – PlayStation Move is the next-generation of motion technology. Dille name drops Nintendo.

4:12 pm – GT5 will ship this year!!! zzz
No mention of Last Guardian makes me a sad dog/cat/bird.

4:09 pm – Peter is now talking about MAG and Heavy Rain. aka Year of the PS3^2

4:08 pm – Peter taking about the Year of PS3.

4:06 pm – The official name is PlayStation Move. Peter Dille taking the stage. Someone thought the “Move” was funny.

4:06 – Mr. Yoshida says that the motion controller will cross the divide between casual and hardcore gamers.

4:05 pm – Motion controler and games will be shown.

4:04 pm – It is starting!

4:03 pm – Apparently this is the GCD press event. What is the Greatest Common Denominator of a Sony PlayStation.

4:02 pm – God of War is so good, it will blow you off the couch. Jeff teases motion controls.

4:01 pm – First delay of the night! Chris and Jeff scramble to fill time.

4:00 pm – PS Blog people! What up Jeff and Chris.

3:57 pm – Disembodied voice says we are starting soon.

3:50 pm – I just finished eating 4 huge chicken mango burritos. I need to cook more often.
3:45 pm – I hear Ke$ha… this is not off to a good start.