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Review: Mega Man 10

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Developer: Empty Clip Studios
Release Date: March 10th, 2010
Price: $9.99 | £7.99| €9.99 | ¥1000 | HK$ 84.00
Demo: Yes
Players: 1
Rating: Everyone

What I liked

  • Classic Mega Man frustration
  • Music, still good as ever.

What I disliked

  • Some of the Master Robots weren’t up to snuff
  • Some of the Power ups were kind of lame

I love Mega Man, it is one of my all time favorite series. This entry in the series changes very little… and you know what?  I don’t have a problem with it.

I guess I should mention the story. This time, the mysterious Roboenza breaks out and makes all the robots in the world get sick… and eventually go crazy. Wily shows up and says he was building a machine to cure the virus and he needs your help! The Blue Bomber is called to action once again (or Proto Man) and is off to save the world. Spoilers: Wily’s behind it all, but would you have it any other way? Nope.

So we’re introduced to the game’s Robot Masters.  I don’t know if it is just that I love the old ones so much, but when these new installments come out, I always find a way to complain. Really disliked Commando Man and Strike Man, but thought the others were pretty cool. Same goes for the weapons; Rebound Striker and Chill Snowball were pretty lame, but Bubble Shield, Wheel Cutter, and Triple Blade were the stuff. It all really comes down to personal opinion. I remember when Sheep Man was announced a lot of nerds were really upset about it, but it turns out he’s one of the better levels and boss fights in the game.

Gameplay is the standard affair with a couple of new twists thrown in there (Commando Man’s sandstorms were ridic).  A few of the levels have some unforgiving jumps, but that’s all par for the course. To be quite honest, this entry has fewer really rotten pitfalls and seems more liberal with giving out screws. So yeah, this one’s easier than Mega Man 9. On top of that, you’re also given the option of an easy mode. I gave it a shot… it’s really easy.  Many of the enemies are replaced, bosses are weaker, and the majority of the game’s pit-falls and spike-pits are covered up with platforms. If you’re getting this game, you know what you’re signing yourself up for: saving the world through a lot of frustration, memorization, and cursing.  If you’re not in it for that, play the easy mode… you sissy little girl.  

You’re also given the option to play the game as Proto Man from the start (not DLC this time). He starts with the Protojet (Mega has to unlock rush jet), has a shield, a charge blast, and slide ability. But to even that out he takes more damage, has a bigger knockback, and can only have 2 bullets on the screen at once.  This certainly offers a different play style and adds some replay value to the game. Speaking of replay value, there is also an unlockable hard mode, a time attack mode with online scoreboards, and a challenge mode.  This definitely adds to the games content.  I can’t complain about graphics and sound.  The game looks great and some of the themes are pretty damn good.  I think I liked Pump Man’s music the most.

All in all, I had a great time with this title, just as much as I did with the previous game. Sure some things could be better, but no game is perfect. There is just nothing like saving the world as the good old Blue Bomber. Why haven’t you gotten this game yet?