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Hustle Kings Patch Incoming

Posted by on March 9th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Tags: ,

In our review we said that voice and video chat were looking to be patched into Hustle Kings. It seems those were the only things coming. Check out this list of updates and fixes coming to the game soon.

* General improvements to game stability
* In-game Voice Chat
* In-game Video Chat
* Game Launching from PlayStation Home
* More stats for the loading screens
* The sound effect for the chalk has been turned down
* Chalk can now be used by pressing the R3 button as well as shaking your SIXAXIS
* Free Play mode
* Blue chalk only online rooms
* Online: Opponents are now allowed to change view while watching the player at the table
* Online: The player that breaks is now randomly chosen
* A new, “minimal” aim line
* Dampening effect on the pockets, to stop accurate high powered shots from always bouncing out of the pockets
* Small adjustments to the fine tune aiming to make it easier to use

I am most thrilled about the player who breaks is randomly chosen. People were gaming the system online so that they would always break first, and then possibly run the table. They are also planning to add a game-unlock item on the PSN store for those that want everything in the game, but don’t have time to unlock all of it.

You want more tables? How about CRAZY tables? Cool idea and they will be free, so I can’t hate on that.

So are you going to get your hustle on now that this update is coming?

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