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ESRB Watch: Neo Geo Games Coming To PSN?

Posted by on March 1st, 2010 | 2 Comments | Tags:

I really do enjoy going to the ESRB site daily and seeing what gems show up. Today it looks like SNK is bringing some Neo Geo games to PSN. The four titles: ALPHA MISSION II, BASEBALL STARS PROFESSIONAL, LEAGUE BOWLING, SUPER SIDEKICKS are all going to be published by SNK Corporation of America. What makes me think that they will be emulated titles is the fact that they are rated for both PS3 and PSP. This would not be the first console to receive official ports for their titles. In Hong Kong and Japan, Hudson has released PC Engine (Turbografx) titles on PSN for close to a year now. Below you will find the descriptions of the games.


This is an arcade-style scrolling shooter in which players control a small spacecraft and fly through seven fantasy stages. Players shoot missiles and lasers at enemy spacecraft and giant spaceships in the air; objects and enemies explode in a small fiery burst. Players can also navigate through hazards, collect power-ups, and defeat an assortment of boss ships along the way.


This is an arcade-style baseball game in which players can select a team and compete in tournaments to work their way up to the playoffs. Players can pitch and hit baseballs, slide into bases, and aim for home runs.


This is an arcade-style bowling game in which players bowl their way through three modes of pin-falling play: “Regulation,” “Strike 90,” and “Flash!” Players can select right- or left-handed bowlers, pick the weight of their bowling ball, and aim for strikes and spares in front of cheering fans. Some members of the cheering audience are depicted in provocative outfits. One woman’s breasts bounce when she jumps in celebration of a strike or a spare. Between frames, the screen will depict outstretched hands clinking mugs filled with beer; “cartoony” bowling balls then hold up frothy beer mugs under the caption “Beer Frame.” The game also depicts some slapstick “defeat animations,” two-second clips that are triggered when players miss their shots; for example, a character turns into ash and his teeth pop out, a man gets charred by an exploding bomb, and a bowler gets squished by a big-rig truck.


This is an arcade-style soccer game in which players can select their team’s country and compete in tournament matches against the rest of the world. Players dribble the ball down the field, avoid being fouled, and can aim for the goal when a “shoot” icon appears overhead.

I will shoot an email over to SNK and see if they can confirm anything.