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Review: D-Cube Planet

Posted by on February 1st, 2010 | 1 Comment | Tags:

Developer: Gameshastra
Release Date: November 19, 2009
Price: $3.99 | £2.49 | €2.99 | HK$ 31.00
Rating: Everyone

What I liked:

  • 40 levels per difficulty
  • Blocks which have attributes

What I disliked:

  • Music and sound effects again felt like an afterthought.

Puzzles of the block pushing type: oh wunderbar. I was never really a fan of these types of games, but D-Cube Planet grew on me a little. The premise is fairly simple, push the blocks to make a path so your alien buddy, “Lilliput alien”, can make it to a piece of his broken spaceship. You see he was trying to get to Earth, but he crashed. You would wanna help him out too, right?

Like I said before you will need to push some blocks around that are in the way. But wait… there is a a twist on this classic kind of gameplay; the blocks may have attributes so that they can only be pushed in certain directions. These block mostly show up in the latter stages of the game or when you are playing a harder difficulty. You can also push blocks in groups if they are going the same way. So besides the attributes, the game keeps tally of how many moves you make. Use too many, you fail the level and have to retry. Just like Gameshastra’s Circles Circles Circles, you can score gold or silver depending on how well you complete each level.

If you have played Circles you may recall that I wasn’t a fan of the music. This game, while better, is still a little lacking in that part. There is one short little sample that loops over and over again. I beat the easy setting in one sitting, but after that, it gets quite challenging. There are a total of 120 levels for you to play across the three difficulties. So even though I blazed through the first 40, you probably will to, there is still enough for you to come back to. If you’re a big fan of pushing blocks or a quick puzzle game, this is a solid mini that’s gonna wrack your brain.