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Review: Bloons

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Publisher: Hands-on Mobile
Release Date: November 24, 2009
Price: $3.99 | £3.49 | €3.99 | HK$ 23.00
Rating: Everyone

These screens were taken while playing the game on a PS3.

What I liked:

  • Exorbitant amount of levels
  • That monkey is one slick shootin mother-
  • Numerous types of bloons (ice, 3 shot, mines)

What I disliked:

  • Graphics could have been better.
  • Game can get a little frustrating.

These screens were taken while playing the game on a PS3.

Bloons, a classic flash game, ported over to the psp as a mini. You assume the life of one dart-slinging monkey, with a vendetta against the entire ‘bloon race. Yeah… I made it sound a little more epic than it is, simply, you shoot darts at balloons, and try to pop a certain amount with a limited supply of darts, and, it’s fun.

The original flash game (available here) had you point in the direction and hold down the fire button to determine how far the dart went. This time you have complete control over the dart, which leads to more precise controls. As the levels progress you face different kinds of challenges. Some levels you have to bounce your dart off the wall to ricochet into bloons. Others have you avoiding ice bloons so as to not freeze the entire board.

My only gripe is with the graphics. They’re pretty close to the flash game’s, which aren’t impressive. The PSP can handle more, but alas, as a simple mini, I don’t think the graphics really deter from enjoying the game. This game has everything from the flash iteration, including the level editor. So technically, I guess there are an infinite amount of levels that you can play! Because there are no demos for minis titles, give the flash game a shot. If you enjoy it, you’ll no doubt like bloons for the PSP. Just don’t expect anything new.

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