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ESRB Watch: Sony Finally Publishing Minis Titles?

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Four PS3/PSP titles were leaked by the ESRB today. Each has a description, so let’s break’em down.


This is an arcade-style game in which players bounce a small ball against formations of bricks in the middle of a game table. Players clear out the blocks while also trying to hit the ball into their opponent’s goal.

Legend of Kunoichi

This is an action game in which players defeat ninjas that spring up from under mats by throwing hammers at them. The gameplay is similar to traditional “whack-a-mole” mechanics, as players are rewarded as much for their quick reflexes as their hammer-throwing prowess. When ninjas are hit, they will grunt loudly as a bright burst appears at the point of impact.


This is an arcade-style shooter in which players control a small spaceship that shoots lasers at waves of geometrically shaped objects that move across the screen. Players move their spaceship left-and-right to shoot down the small enemies that explode in a small burst of light. One line of text in the game reads, “Go and fight in hell for all I care!”


This is a puzzle game in which players must correctly arrange number tiles to create mathematical equations that equal zero. Players earn more points for creating longer, more complex equations.

All of these sound like games that are going to be on the minis platform. They would be Sony’s first entries into the minis space. I guess we will find out more about these at a later date.

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