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ESRB Watch: Catan and Hamster Ball

Posted by on January 15th, 2010 | 0 Comments | Tags: , ,

Two titles were rated by the ESRB today.

The first, Catan, has been out on Japanese and Hong Kong PSN for ages now. With it finally coming over stateside, we have just one question to ask… Will it have trophies?

This is a strategy game in which players set up and develop a settlement on a game board. The goal is to complete the settlement first. Players can build structures, roll dice to collect resources, and trade products with others.

Up next we have another title from Creat Studios, Hamster Ball. The description is as follows:

This is an arcade-style puzzle game in which players guide a ball with a hamster inside it (i.e., a “hamster ball”) through a series of winding platforms. Players must maneuver their hamster ball over ramps, down funnel tubes, and around neon fences to reach a goal at the end of each stage. In an “arena” mode, players work to knock other hamster balls into hazardous obstacles (e.g., crushing spikes), causing the balls to break apart in a brief burst.

I have contacted Creat Studios, but I will assume they are going to be tight lipped about this title for a little while longer.

Mega Man 10 was also rated but we know stuff about that already 🙂

Source: ESRB.org