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Blue Toad Murder Files Coming Next Week

Posted by on December 9th, 2009 | 3 Comments | Tags:

Just a friendly reminder to everyone in PAL-land that Blue Toad Murder Files is coming out next week.

If I recall correctly the first two episodes (six in total will eventually be released) will be out next week on EU PSN. Here is a full run-down of the features

  • Six separate episodes
  • A thrilling cliff hanger at the end of every episode
  • Over 90 puzzles, Whodunnits and cross-examinations
  • Opportunity to play as one of four unique characters
  • 1 – 4 co-operative multiplayer gameplay
  • A story of mystery and intrigue

When I asked Helen Jones, PR & Marketing Manager over at Relentless Software, she had the following to say about a US release date.

Blue Toad is only coming to SCEE on 17th December. We will be releasing in North America but we don’t have a release date yet.

We will still have a review up for this game sometime after release though, so check back to see our impressions.