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Rumor: PS3 Firmware Coming Next Week

Posted by on November 11th, 2009 | 3 Comments | Tags: ,

Polish-gaming blog Polygamia has gotten confirmation that there will be a new firmware update out next week. The only seemingly confirmed content at this time is having the XMB in Polish, but that won’t stop the rumor flood.

Earlier today Scrawlfx did some snooping on PlayStation UK’s website and found these images:

First we can see that there is a Facebook icon under the Network tab on the XMB. The text reads: “Adjust settings for features in Facebook. These features are available only for users who have Facebook accounts.” So it seems that you will be able to have your PSN id integrated with Facebook. This DOES NOT look to be a stand-alone application, like on the 360.

Next we see there is a new way to organize photos. I am sure this will be useful for those of you that have images saved on your PS3.

Lastly it looks like you will be able to spruce up your gamer card. Adding color will hopefully quiet the complains of those that were whining about the new friends list set-up.

I would expect to see a blog post on the PlayStation blog sometime this week or next confirming the features.