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Review: Pinball Heroes High Velocity Bowling

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This is an add-on for the game Pinball Heroes. Check out our Pinball Heroes review.

Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 12, 2009

What it adds:

  • The High Velocity Bowling table
  • 49 in-game trophies to earn

The meta game in this table is really fun. You have to hit the pin sweeper three times to start the round of bowling. Once you have done that you aim your shots so that the pinball strikes the head pin. If you can do that you get a strike. The table can make this easier for you if you unlock the “Hook” bumper, but you can also get a strike by tilting the table at the right time. This was by far my favorite of the tables released. It really shows that this isn’t your normal pinball game.

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This game was purchased for review purposes.