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Update: God Eater (PSP) Demo Out Now

Posted by on November 19th, 2009 | 6 Comments | Tags: ,

Announced in Famitsu this week, Japanese PSP owners are going to get a taste of God Eater on November 19th. The Japanese release date for the game was also announced, it will be coming out February 4th. God Eater is what looks to be Namco Bandai’s attempt at a Monster Hunter game. I will be sure to download the demo when it is out and post my impressions when the time comes.

Official God Eater website


It looks like only those who have a famitsu.com account will have access to the demo in 2 weeks. Everyone else will have to wait until November 26th for the demo to go on Japanese PSN and this website.

Update 2:

The Demo <- Demo from Famitsu.com. This will not run on Custom Firmware.