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Topatoi Price Drop

Posted by on October 29th, 2009 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

Starting today on the EU PSN store topatoi will be receiving a permanent price cut.

Starting October 29th, Boolat’s puzzle-oriented PlayStation 3/PSN platformer Topatoi will be available for 7.99 Euros. It is a permanent price drop, not just “weekend sale” or something. Since the game is released in the US for $9.99, we felt it’s unfair to keep the old price tag in other regions.

Topatoi is a game that sticks to old school traditions of the puzzler platformers (like, say, Bubba ‘N Stix or The Lost Vikings), including emphasis on the original concepts and unique immersive gameplay. In short, the core of Topatoi’s gameplay is based on the fact that player controls a small explorer vehicle that works like a spinning top. So the spin needs to be controlled carefully, as it affects the device’s movement and behaviour.