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PSPgo Launch Games/Demos in Japan

Posted by on October 28th, 2009 | 3 Comments | Tags:

With the launch of the PSPgo in Japan this Sunday, it seems that we will be getting a fresh crop of demos and games to go along with it.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker will be the first to be released. The Official Kojima Productions Blog states that a new demo has been approved and will be launching with the PSPgo next Sunday.

Sega doesn’t want to be left out of the fun either. Andriasang.com reports that the sequel to the PS3 hit, Valkyria Chronicles, will be coming out along-side with the PSPgo as well. But Sega isn’t done yet, they will also have a demo for Phantasy Star Portable 2 up that day. Make sure that you if you want to win a chance to try out the online mode that you download the lottery ticket from the store.

Here is a list of what is coming on the Japanese Store around PSPgo launch:


  • Crystal Defenders PSP

  • Disgaea Infinite
  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy – Universal Tuning
  • Echochrono
  • Elemental Monsters TD Portable
  • LocoRoco Midnight Carnival
  • Metal Gear Solid Bande Dessinee
  • Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Demo
  • Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops
  • Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus
  • MotorStorm Arctic Edge
  • Persona 3 Portable
  • PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe

  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 Demo
  • Valkyria Chronicles 2 Demo