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Here Is A Look At Today’s Sound Shapes DLC

Posted by on March 12th, 2013 | 0 Comments | Tags:

A couple weeks back we mentioned that Sound Shapes would be receiving some DLC on March 12th. The day has come and we finally have some details to share.

The guys over at Queasy Games mentioned that this DLC would bring “a new way to play” and it seems that they were talking about new vehicles. The Car Mini-Album & Creator Pack ($1.99) will add two different motorcycle like vehicles to the game along with some loops and ramps for them to jump off of. This pack along with the bikes will add a full sound pack, the ramps and loops plus some more objects, Beat School lessons, and some more trophies.

The other big addition to the game today is the Community Milkcrate. These are 35 handpicked community levels grouped into albums for you to play. In a rather cool move each album will have liner notes with “insights and interesting things to check out while playing them.”

Not mentioned on the US PlayStation Blog but listed on the Asia Blog are two sound packs as well. The 80s and Dubstep packs seem to be more in line with what was previously released back earlier in 2012. We assume that these will also come packed with new trophies and Beat School lessons and have reached out to PlayStation to see if this is in fact true.[Update: This is future DLC and will not be out today]

Chris will be live-streaming these new DLC packs later today and will post on Twitter exactly when that is going to happen. If you want to check out the Community Milkcrate fire up Sound Shapes and download the patch. It comes in at around 175MB on Vita, not sure what the size is on PS3.