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Majestic-12 Announced for Digital Platforms

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Today Reverb Publishing announced its plans to bring Exis Interactive’s Majestic-12 to digital platforms this year. The game will be making it’s official debut later next week during PAX East.

After Aliens, who were once in an alliance with man, discover a plot to one day turn against them an all-out firefight ensues with the Majestic-12 councilmen taken as captives. Now left as one of few surviving Majestic-12 members it’s up to you to rescue the captives and stop the aliens from seeking out their revenge.

Majestic-12 is a 3D sidescrolling shooter with up to four player co-op and a run-gun-feel that’s described as “a throw back to old-school shooters like Contra”.

Majestic-12 will be on the show floor next week at PAX East.