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Chris’s PSN Games of the Year 2011

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I guess it is my turn to do one of these game of the year lists. While I am quite sure that most of you can guess my top three, it is the honorable mentions that may surprise you the most. I will also say to be on the look-out Monday for the site’s full GOTY list. Now without further ado…

PixelJunk Shooter 2
Obvious choice #1 goes to PixelJunk Shooter 2. I instantly fell in love with this game early in the year. The levels were cleverly created and they seemed to fix everything I thought was wrong with Shooter 1. Check out the review to see what I mean. But the real reason this makes the list is for its superb multiplayer. As someone who has put over 99hrs into it, I think it is the best multiplayer game on PSN… All of PSN.

Elemental Monster Online Card Game
I bet you picked this one as well! The amount of game that you get for less than $1 is unmatched. By the end of completing the single player I had close to 40 hours played. That was not included all of the online tournaments and matches. While some cards are a little over powered, the core gameplay is easy to pickup and not that hard to master. Did I mention there is a platinum trophy?

PAYDAY: The Heist
Probably the best team based shooter on PSN at the moment. If you have 3 other friends to heist with you will have a great time. While playing with randoms can be fun, most don’t wear a headset so the game ends up turning into lonewolves-r-us. But on that rare occasion where RIPberniemac graces you with true speak for round after round, you will see why you are having such a good time. Eric, Brad, Curtis and myself had a blast with this game, and I can only hope that new content is added soon.

Honorable Mentions

Where Is My Heart?: Great little puzzle platformer that shows that Minis are still a platform for good games.
Burnout Crash: If there was a multiplayer mode, this may have bumped PAYDAY from my list.
Dungeon Defenders: Great tower defense RPG with great loot. I love my flying tiger pet.
PixelJunk Sidescroller: Great music in this one, probably my favorite soundtrack this year.
Cubixx HD: Great HD version of one of the best Minis games.