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Ion Assault HD Hits PSN On November 30th

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Just a few weeks ago Ion Assault HD received an ESRB rating for PSN. Now we’ve got more information on what the PSN version of the game will entail as well as a release date.

Ion Assault HD is a twin-stick shooter in which players must use a limited supply of ion particles to manage oncoming waves of enemies. Rather than giving the player an infinite amount of firepower at their disposal Ion Assault HD requires the player to strategically manage their ion particles. This can be done by sucking up previously used particles to shoot out again at each wave of enemies.

The difficulty in Ion Assault dynamically changes depending on how quickly the player can clear each wave of enemy. The faster the player can clear a stage the more enemies will be spawned.

The campaign in Ion Assault contains over 30 levels spread across multiple scenarios. Each scenario contains six levels culminating in a boss fight. The campaign can be played through with a co-op buddy and the PSN release will feature an all new exclusive scenario. In addition the game features a local and online versus mode in which you can challenge up to three different people.

Ion Assault HD will be available November 30th on PSN.