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This Week On PSNStores – 03/25/10

Posted by on March 22nd, 2010 | 95 Comments | Tags: ,

Hi friends, do you like free Games? Well thanks to our friends at Beatshapers, you have the chance to win a free copy of their newly release minis title: Normal Tanks. I will make it simple this time, all you have to do is post a comment in here. On Friday I will randomly picks 4 winners and email them a code.

If you don’t see your post in the comments, don’t worry. If you haven’t posted on the blog before I have to manually approve the comment.


  1. No spam
  2. Use a real email when you post
  3. You have to have access to the European PlayStation Store (the game is not yet out in the US)
  4. The game plays on both PSP and PS3, so you will need one. (If you are reading this site I am sure you do)

I have lots of news to catch up on, (it was finals week last week for me). And we also have a good amount of reviews in queue (Mega Man 10, Fret Nice, Rocket Racing…), so I hope to get them all posted this week. Links time, gunna try something new this week. I will add links to all the trailers I post on the Youtube in here as well.


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